I had previously done a “church lady” costume for a party, many of my friends joked about me wearing it to bed since it would take forever to get off. So expanding on that idea this year I created the “granny bed-time” look. most of the items including the housecoat, bedroom slippers, wig, and glasses were picked up at the local Goodwill. I made the exaggerated booty by taping a pillow to a belt. For the chest I poured birdseed into pantyhose and wore them around my neck. (On a side note, I now understand what women mean when they complain their bra isn’t offering the support they need).

I wore the costume to a bingo hall in town that was doing a costume contest and everyone got quite a laugh from it. I just happend to arrive a little early and walked in on a class reunion full of elderly people. They too enjoyed my costume, and one gentleman even told me I looked just like his ex-wife. I never figured out if that was a good thing or bad thing.