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Cutest Old Man and Cupcake Costumes

My 1 1/2 year old boy is an old man. We took clothes that he already had then got some suspenders cut them down to fit his size then resewed them back together. Then we took some PVC pipes and attached them together put some wheels on the bottom and spray painted it grey. For a toddler just learning how to walk he sure did enjoy pushing is hand made walker up and down the streets. Then I took some grey hair spray paint that you can find down the Halloween isle for his hair.

My 4 year old daughter is a cupcake. We took an old lamp shade and turned it upside down, then we bought some scrap pretty material and hot glued it onto the lamp shade. Then I got a bag of cotton batting and hot glued it around the edges of the lamp shade. She stepped into the lamp shade and to keep it up I attached suspenders to the front and back over her shoulders. The added more cotton batting all around her until it looked full like icing. I got an old head band and a cheap candle stick that worked off of batteries and hot glued them to the headband. For the decorations on the “icing” i took left over material that I used for the cupcake “wrapper” and cut into different size circles and hot glued them onto the icing then took some glitter spray to make her sparkle!!

I personally think they were the best dressed hands down. Just about every house that we went to had to take a picture of them. They couldn’t believe how adorable they were and said that they were the cutest outfits they have seen. I submitted their picture to our local news station and the next morning their picture was on the news.

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