We always enjoy having a great time and making people laugh and this year as we strolled the party stores and looked through all the plethora of costumes, we just couldn’t find anything that screamed “us”. We were getting discouraged and didn’t want to show up in something off the rack. We needed to use some creativity.

One more party store… we came across the mask section and started trying on a few until my fiance put on this old man mask. He looked at me and I was amazed (and creeped out) at how genuinely real he looked in it. Then I really knew it was perfect when he started talking and the mouth actually moved with his! Ok this is awesome! I quickly tried on the woman’s version and it was a bit big at the time but hey, it’s good enough just seeing his. We bought them and immediately started thinking of how to accessorize our new identities and create our Old Folk couple costume.

Went to Goodwill to find the perfect outfits. Shouldn’t be too hard living in Florida after all. Uh, it was. Several trips of finding one or two small items. First we found Troy’s pants and golf resort shirt and Dickie for around his neck.. Next the walkers – 2 at the same store. Bonus. Mine was not as easy but finally came across what I thought was a typical old lady dress and sweater.

White shoes for me made by Dr Comfort. Paired those with some half rolled down knee highs I got at Walmart. Oh yeah and tube socks which I filled the toe with small balloons that hung down to about my stomach. Later I heard tennis balls instead would “sway” much more :). Next time.

Walmart also had hair curlers, knitting needles, yarn, tennis balls that would later be cut to fit on the walkers and clear lens glasses in the sun-glass section that worked perfectly for Troy’s mask. I used my own personal reading glasses that rested on the tip of my mask’s nose with beaded strap attached to the glasses’ arms. Very authentic. On my last trip to Goodwill I found a long strand of pearls, long cream beads and an old dainty watch.

Our one son decided he was coming to the party too and we had to think up an appropriate costume that tied in with ours. Grim Reaper was our choice. Easy fabric and mesh hood with seam sewn arms and body. Pretty simple. Generic scythe from pole and cardboard. We bought really eerie skeleton gloves but we noticed we forgot them halfway to the party.

The day of the party we had fun putting it all together. I put my hair up in a barrette and on went the mask. Added a scarf to my head and neck that I had in my closet. The walker was adorned with an oversized bra (from goodwill) and a quilted pouch adorned with miniature strawberries and I used iron on letters spelling out the word G.I.L.F. You’ll figure it out.

With the mask being a bit big I bought some spirit glue which helped in the areas where it was loose. It worked nicely. Troy had a pin on which read “I Pooped” that we got at Spencers in the mall and we also all had name tags on saying “My name is…Floyd, Death” and mine said “Where am I?”.

The drive to the party we waved at other cars and pedestrians but everyone seemed to think we were just another old couple leisurely driving. Again only in Florida.

When we arrived at the party Troy and I strolled in first. Bent over our walkers that were leading our stride. Wyatt discreetly followed closely behind us. Everyone looked at us and absolutely loved it! For a good 20 minutes no one had a clue who we all were and just kept staring and trying to figure it out. Kids were so funny trying to see if we were in costume or not. Our Old Folk couple costume was a huge hit and tons of fun! Everyone got a big laugh.