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Coolest Homemade Old Homeless Couple Halloween Costume Idea

My husband and I host an annual Halloween party. We brainstorm for a couple months every year about our costume and this year we came up with a Homemade Old Homeless Couple Halloween Costume Idea. We are in our early thirties and so we knew makeup and costumes would be important but also the props we carried and had set up. We visited our local Goodwill store and purchased our clothing and various accessories.

Once home we “distressed” our clothing. We tore holes, ripped out seams, washed, spray painted and dirtied up the clothing. My husband wore a pair of slacks, and old flannel shirt and a suit jacket. He also had black shoes the he put holes in and spray painted to look dirty. He also had a tie, hat and glasses to complete the look. I had a pair of red slacks, fake UGG boots, layered two shirts and had a cream jacket. I also had glasses. Our props consisted of a rolling bag filled with “good stuff” including wind chimes, an old helium balloon, props from past costumes, books and records. My husband had a backpack with a bed roll, books, cup, toilet paper and a menagerie of other objects.

Since our party was held at our house, we decided to set up a shanty town consisting of a large cardboard box, bed roll, clothing, old TV and various other items. When we began getting dressed we first applied latex on our faces and then a layer of facial tissue and another layer of latex which formed wrinkles. After that dried, we applied flesh colored foundation and powder. We used brown eye shadow to create shadows on our forehead, around our nose, chin and under our eyes. We blended this a bit and then applied a lighter eye shadow beneath the brown to add dimension. We blended a bit and this created the appearance of heavy wrinkles. We both sprayed white hair color in our hair so it appeared to be grey, mine I teased and put in toilet paper, leaves and plastic bugs. I sprayed all the items in with heavy duty hairspray.

My husband had grown out his beard and we used white cream makeup to color that and our eyebrows. We both used tooth black out on a few of our teeth. Once our makeup and hair were completed we put on our costume. Throughout the night we walked around with our bags and lay in our shanty town every now and again.

This was our 5th annual party and it was the first year we won our costume contest!

Homemade Old Homeless Couple Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Old Homeless Couple Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Old Homeless Couple Halloween Costume Idea

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