This is my 10 year old dressed in an original homemade monster costume as BOB, The Big Orange Blah.

Around Halloween time, when my daughter was three, she hid behind a door and waited. When I came into the room, she jumped out and yelled ìBig Orange Blah!î I laughed pretty hard. I thought it would be fun if I made this original expression come to life.

Homemade Monster Costume Instructions

  • First I made a drawing of what I thought BOB would look like.
  • His feet were made by sewing orange fur around some cheap monster slippers.
  • I made claw slip covers and placed them over the original claws.
  • I made the pants out of orange felt and glued on strips of neon orange fabric vertically and neon orange and neon green fur horizontally.
  • The body is a round shape from a pumpkin pattern.
  • I added in the sleeves.
  • The costume is lined and stuffed with a little newspaper.
  • I made the paws to match the feet.
  • The head began with a fifteen inch cardboard base. I made a hole to fit my girl’s head in the center and padded the back and front with foam to make it more comfortable.
  • The shape of the head was sewn from orange felt, lined with foam, and then fitted around the cardboard and secured with glue. It was stuffed with a little fiberfill.
  • I made a black felt cap out of triangle shapes, sewed in a ribbon for a chin strap, and glued it to the previously cut and sized opening in the middle.
  • I glued a fifteen inch black circle on the bottom of the cardboard.
  • A strip of foam was covered with neon orange velvet and attached to the head base and another as the top lip which gave a place where the teeth could be inserted.
  • The head was covered in neon orange fabric.
  • The nose was a circle stitched around, pulled, and stuffed with fiberfill.
  • The teeth, mouth, and claws were made with neon green spandex.
  • I glued strips of neon orange fabric onto the chin to match the pants.
  • The top of the head is covered with neon yarn.
  • The back of the head is adorned with orange tubing and orange synthetic hair.
  • I covered a plastic bucket in fur for her candy.

When we were taking pictures of my daughter, a man came by with his dog. The dog was terrified of her costume and started to freak out. When she went trick or treating, some people would take pictures of her at their door. She had so much fun in this costume!