I actually got the idea from this website but I decided to go my own way with creating it. I used to be obsessed with Lil Wayne and when I saw someone had been him for Halloween I knew I had to do it. I was so excited and I wanted it to be a complete surprise so I didn’t tell anyone but my mom and her friend because they were helping me. It was actually a very easy process and I had so much fun experimenting with things to make it the best it could be.

When I went to school on Halloween dressed up as Lil Wayne (remember none of my friends or anybody knew) I got SO many funny looks and laughs and I took a million pictures with people I had never met before. I got asked if I was a guy or a girl multiple times and when I replied that I was a girl people were astonished! I even wore my backpack and sagged my pants so that I took on the guy demeanor.

Even my teachers looked at me extremely confused when I sat in my assigned seat. They didn’t realize it was me and just looked at me weird like “what did you do with her?” I think the best reaction I got that day was when I was leaving my first period and I always met up with my best friend to walk to our next class together. As I was walking down the stairs I could tell she was just looking at me like who the heck is this person and I knew she didn’t know it was me so I gave her a little head nod and she just started freaking out. I couldn’t stop laughing because of how surprised she was. I felt super accomplished with my costume and I have not been able to top it since!

Easy Lil Wayne Costume

Gathering the clothing

For this costume I went to Walmart for a plain white t-shirt that came in a pack and also for boxers that came in a pack. I wore the red ones because obviously Lil Wayne is a Blood and blue was my only other option. I borrowed the black skinny jeans from one of my family friends and I wore white vans that I already had.


For the accessories I went to LA and that is where I found the hat for super cheap and also a belt buckle that says “LA”. I also found a cheap watch there to add to the costume. I already had the sunglasses which were just a cheap pair that look like Ray Bans. The blinged out cross I actually found at a costume store in the priest section and I glued my own jewels on it. Now for the grill, I found a good set of vampire teeth and just cut off the fang part so that it looked like regular teeth and then I glued on more jewels so it looked like I had a grill  (the jewels did not stay very well and I couldn’t figure anything out to fix it).

Hair and makeup

I found a rasta wig at Walmart for cheap. It didn’t have the look I wanted it to have of the dreads so I twisted some pieces and used my old cheap straightener to get them to stay in dread form  (it did not break my straightener BUT it did get some of the melted plastic from the wig on to it). For my face I got the darkest make up they had at Walmart which ended up being Cocoa. It was a creamy foundation that I applied only to my face and neck.

When I first put it on it was WAY to dark so I gently dabbed some of it off until it reached the color that I thought most resembled him. All of the tattoos are just put on with eyeliner. The ones on my face are the most accurate because that is what everyone really saw, but the ones on my arms I just kind of did the main ones and put some in random places just to fill in space.

Hair and makeup

Hair and makeup

Hair and makeup