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Cool Lil Wayne Costume

One day I was watching music videos and I saw the lil wayne lollipop video. I thought that it would be fun to try and become lil wayne for the night. So after watching the video I gathered things together for the Lil Wayne Costume. First I took brown face paint and put it all over my face and one hand. then I applied a dark powder make up I found in the cosmetic section at Walmart. I used a marker to try and do some face tattoos that he has. I wore a white dress shirt with a suit jacket, slacks and a glove.

I took some red fabric I got at hobby lobby to make the handkerchief. the longest part of all of this was the dreads. I got a cheap wig from the costume store that wasn’t very real looking. Then I took little strands one by one and started rolling them with hair putty. The process took about 6 hours but looked like real dreads. I finished it off with glasses, a bottle of champagne and lollipops.

Lil Wayne Costume

Lil Wayne Costume

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