Well I may have outdone myself on my Katy Perry from California Girls Music Video Halloween Costume Idea for 2010. I have always made my own costumes, since they seem to be the funniest. This year I decided it had to be something very current and Pop Culture. I also decided it would have to be something feminine for the simple fact that would up the hilarity factor. I first thought of doing something from the realm of Lady Gaga, but I decided she might be overdone this year. I thought back a contemplated the most ridiculous Female Pop Star outfit for ME to wear. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks; KATY PERRY with the Cupcake Boobs from her “California Girlz” music video. This is when I set to work.

I toyed with the idea of making the cupcakes with a color dyed glue/clay combo that would resemble authentic cupcakes better. But after consideration that I would be wearing this to a very large public event and the odds of groping and smashing was very high, I decided to make them out of something more durable, fabric. Luckily I already have access to a sewing machine. After careful inspection of some pictures from Google, I constructed my list of materials:

For Cupcake Top:
1ft Baby Blue Fabric (cupcake wrapper)
1ft Tan Fabric (cupcake)
1ft Pink Fabric (frosting)
Colored craft beads (sprinkles)
Red Pompoms (cherries)
White sports Bra
Baby Blue fabric Dye

For Blue Daisy Dukes:
Old Pair of Jeans
Blue Spray Paint
Silver Glitter Spray Paint

Finishing Touches:
Blue Wig
Pink Flip-flops
Heart Headband

Once I had everything, I set to work. Construction of the cup cakes wasn’t too hard. I wanted them to be about 7in across and 5 inches tall. All fabric was cut with a 1/2inch overlay so it could be sewn. I sewed a 7.5in circle of pink fabric to a 7.5/5.5 doughnut shaped tan fabric. This gave me the muffin top. Next I sewed a 4in section of Baby Blue all the way around the tan doughnut section. Next I sewed the cherry on top and individually sewed on approximately 20 beads on as sprinkles. I then sewed on the 6.5in Baby Blue bottom circle, and pushed the cupcake right side out trough the small slot left on the side. It was then stuffed and the slot sewn up.

This was all repeated for the other cupcake. The white sports bra was dyed Baby Blue and the cupcakes were sewn onto it. I also added the pink ribbon in the center. Not only did it mimic the outfit in the video, but it also made the sports bra look more like a swimsuit top.

Next I made the shorts. Very easy. I cut off the old jeans at the highest point possible. I spray painted them blue and let them dry overnight. The next day I painted them with the silver glitter spray paint. They came out amazing. The last thing I need was the big blue heart headband. I actually just borrowed a headband from my roommate, and constructed the heart from an old shoebox and duct tape. Once I painted it with the blue and glitter, it also turned out amazing. Everything was now complete.

I wore my new outfit to a house party Friday and also out to a large public street on Saturday. It was amazing and I had my picture taken no less than 100 times in the 90 mins I was there. When we left we stopped by a typical afterhours restaurant. When I walked in, the whole place went dead silent for 3-4 seconds until everyone burst into laughter. Cameras and phones came out immediately. I proceeded to take pictures with people for the next 30mins.

Overall this Katy Perry from California Girls Music Video Halloween Costume Idea has been one of my most successful costumes and everyone that saw it was amazed. Hope you enjoyed!