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Awesome Katy Perry Costume

I decided to create a Katy Perry costume from scratch last year for Halloween. It took a lot of effort, but the end result was fantastic and I received so much praise from everyone!

Let’s start…

The bra – This was the hardest part to the costume. To make the cupcakes I used filmo (a putty substance that can be hardened in the oven) and rolled two identical sausage shapes which were layered to create a spiral shape. At the base of the spirals I made 3 holes (top, left side, right side) so that they could be attached easier to the bra. Next i used multi-coloured filmo, and shaped it into small flakes to look like sprinkles, then applied to the spiral shapes. I then used red filmo to create two cherries and placed them on the top. The cupcakes were then put into the oven to bake.

Afterwards, I painted the cupcakes with pink nail-varnish to give it a glossed look. I took an old pink bra that was no longer needed, and attached the cupcakes with glue and by sewing through the holes on the cupcakes to the bra. On the wire of the bra, I attached marshmallows using superglue.

The shorts – I used an old pair of shorts, and cut the legs to shorten them. I then used blue dye to create a blue hint, and superglue to attach blue sequins to the rear pockets to give it more sparkle.

Shoes – A pair of black killer heels, in which I glued marshmallows to the straps for that candy look.

Accessories – Dark blue fringed wig, candy bracelets, blue eye shadow.

The final touch! Complete the look with a friend as Russell Brand! :D


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