My boyfriend and I wanted to recreate the craziness of celebrity couple Katy Perry and Russell Brand couple costume (before their split!).

Everyone knows Katy and her sexy cupcake bra from “California Girls” so I decided to go with that look. For cupcakes I used Styrofoam balls and shaped them so they would fit over a bra.  I then painted them pink with acrylic paint.  I painted extra-large cupcake liners blue and glued them on.  For the frosting, I bought pink ribbon and with a glue gun, attached it to the Styrofoam balls in a swirl shape to get that icing look.

I finished them off with a red pom-pom for the cherry and multi-colored beads for the sprinkles. I attached them to a turquoise bra I bought at Wal-Mart with a lot of hot glue!  They actually stayed on really well!  I bought a pair of jean shorts for $10 and sprayed them with glitter and I bought my wig at costume store.

For Russell’s look, we bought a vest from a thrift store and paired it with a white long sleeve button up and the skinniest pair of jeans my boyfriend had. We also bought a pair of awesome cowboy boots from a thrift store for $12!  The wig was from a costume store. We finished it off with some “man” jewelry and Aviator sunglasses. In order to give my boyfriend Russell’s facial hair, I used black face paint and a stipple sponge. I think we would have made the now divorced couple proud!