When our ‘Pop Stars and Rock Stars’ themed Christmas party was announced, I quickly decided to go as Katy Perry. However, I was underwhelmed by the costumes available online. They looked quite ‘cheap’ and unimpressive. The solution was obvious – I would make my own!

I found a store which sold good quality corsets and fluffy skirts, which was a good start. I bought a white corset and a light blue fluffy skirt, and started planning the rest. After looking at quite a few pictures online, I went to the craft store and bought as many colorful crafty bits and pieces as I could find. The intention was to get the corset as close to the original as possible.

The ice cream cone is made of a wire Christmas decoration which I squashed down flat. I then cut a Styrofoam ball in half and hot glue gunned sparkly fabric to make it look like a scoop of ice cream.

I made some bon-bons by wrapping small Styrofoam balls in foil and pinching the ends. The large bon-bons were Christmas tree decorations and the big cakes came from the craft store already done – just needed to be glued on in the right place!

The lolly sprinkles were made with fabric paint that came with a precision tip so you can just squirt it on in a short line. The rest of the space was filled in with bright buttons, ribbons and plastic jewels.

I bought some light blue ribbon and folded it back and forth along the top, securing it with hot glue. As it was a work function, I didn’t want the top to be too revealing so the addition of the blue ribbon was a good way to provide extra coverage, and it matched my skirt.

As my original light blue skirt was a bit ‘lingerie’ looking, I bought a dark blue tennis skirt to wear over the top. Paired with a purple wig, hot pink tights and some sparkly shoes, I think it all came together quite well. Despite several past attempts, I finally won ‘best dressed’ at the Christmas party, which was nice recognition for many hours of work and several burnt fingers.