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Cute and Sexy Katy Perry Costume

I decided I was going to go all-out on my 2010 Halloween costume, and Katy Perry’s outfit from her California Girls video seemed like the most fun to attempt. I combined a few different elements from different costumes she wore in the video, since it’s too cold in Portland to do the bikini thing for long!

What I used:

  •  A long purple wig (I also purchased one in blue, but ended up going with the purple to contrast the dress.)
  •  A Blue Fairy costume dress (This came with a layer of fine mesh over the blue skirt, as well as a bunch of LED ‘wires’ running through the skirt. I ripped these out very delicately…)
  • I found little cupcake, pastry and ice cream cone plush toys on Amazon, then sewed them all over the dress.
  • Strawberry heels (Pleaser Contessa-58 Strawberry Mary-janes… you can find them for $30-40 online.)
  • Pink opaque thigh-high stockings with satin bows at the back
  • Pink garter belt to hold up said stockings
  • Glitter glue (to add sparkle to the dress)
  • False eyelashes
  • Lots of glittery eyeshadow, blush, and lip-gloss
  • Nauseatingly pink nail polish
  • Little girly jeweled necklace from the Dollar store  candy bracelet
  • Endless supply of lollipops to hand out/devour over the course of the evening

It was definitely the most expensive and time-intensive costume I’ve made so far. The biggest piece to tackle was preparing the dress, as you might have guessed. I sewed on all the little decorations by hand, but it was definitely worth the effort. My cupcakes ended up a little bit wonky, but did I care? Nah. And I suppose I could have gone even crazier with the bedazzling, but it was very obviously a Katy Perry costume to everyone in attendance. People were taking pictures with me all night, which was a lot of fun. (And inspired me to go as Kesha the next year…)

The weirdest part was actually trying to hot-glue, then sew candy onto the skirt. It was easy enough to attach lollipops, but I actually sewed tiny paper cupcake liners onto the dress, then tried to put gumdrops into them. They kept falling off, but eventually I got most of them to stick. They definitely kept dropping off throughout the evening… next time, I would have used more candies with wrappers instead!

This costume also doubled as a unicorn costume later on… I took off some of the candy and turned one of the ice cream cones into a unicorn horn by swirling glitter glue around it and pinning it to my wig. Presto!

PS. And yes, I attempted to get my English boyfriend to go as Russell Brand, but he ended up settling on Harry Potter instead. (Fun tip… get a graduation gown, then make your own Gryffindor crest on cardstock! We also made a Snitch out of dollar-store Christmas ornaments, then sewed a stuffed owl onto the shoulder of his gown. Sorry, no pictures…)


I decided I was going to go all-out on my 2010 Halloween costume, and Katy Perry's outfit from her California Gurls video seemed like the most fun

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