This is my daughter Alaina. Her absolute favorite recording artist is Katy Perry and so it was a “duh” moment when I knew she would want to dress as Miss Perry for Halloween. But… she wanted to be Katy Perry in her cupcake dress, specifically.

So I made that happen.

The skirt is styrofoam rings, with plain white fabric sewn on, and then sewn together. Ribbon and tulle were then sewn on for the band and the ruffle  (all hand sewing!) The “cupfakes” are plastic ornaments and ping pong balls, painted and glued into liners, and the frosting is a mixture of air dry clay and glue, which I scooped into a piping bag with a tip, and piped onto the ornaments/ping pong balls. I then painted the frosting, glittered it, and added acrylic sparkley accents.

I spent *days* hand sewing all the ribbon and tulle onto the skirt, and I would have sworn my hand, or at least my fingers were going to fall off. That was 110+ feet of ribbon and tulle, counting both the ruffle on the skirt and the band at the top.

The top is Lycra, and has rhinestone and sequins sewn on, with an attached ruffle.

The wig and headband are the only pieces that I did not make.

Alaina adored her costume and it made her feel like a princess. The pride and joy she had wearing it made the week’s worth of work I put into it completely worth it. And the reactions of people while trick or treating just made Alaina puff up with pride. From all the squeeing, and the awwwww’s and the handful of people who wanted our picture, or my business card, we had a wonderful time. My daughter kept proclaiming all night about how everyone “loves [her] costume because everyone loves cupcakes!” and that she “was making so many new friends!” I just felt like the best mom ever, for being able to make her feel so proud and happy and give her an amazing night.