My Katy Perry loving daughter Paige, got it in her head last year, after being an Icee Drink (check out my last year’s costume on this site!), that she would be Katy Perry for this year! No store bought costumes for my kids, as they now know I am crazy enough to accept the challenge! She wanted to construct Ms Perry’s California Girl’s Cupcake dress and stressed to me it could not look like a craft project! REALLY? Okay, deep breath, she’s 13…

My talented sis was visiting me, and she and I went on the mission to construct the skirt, that had to be user friendly, and able to be taken  on and off, due to her wanting to wear it to school! I think we were quite successful in the engineering, and then I got to play “DC Cupcakes” and construct 84 extremely light weight cupcakes for the three tiers on the skirt! The bodice is a tank, embellished with stretchy sequined ribbon, and gathered tulle ruffling.

I had to add some cupcakes with a soccer ball/grass to honor my daughter’s love of the sport, and then lots of glitter, beads, sparkles and faux cherries to top off the cupcakes!

Introducing Ms Paigey Perry!

Hope you enjoy this as much as she is, as today is Halloween!