In 2011, I went as Katy Perry from her “Alien” video. I made the costume from scratch and through lots of trial and error it took me about a month and a half to complete. The breast plate was the hardest part to figure out. It is made from plastic that was melted and formed by hand over a dress form then spray painted gold.

The bottom of the dress is just a bunch of fabric sewn together randomly, really (I did make a hidden pocket though to hold my ID and phone!!) The feathers are actually a couple of feather boas sewn onto the dress. The wig is actually two wigs combined, blonde and a black sewn together. There is a wire form underneath the blonde wig that “pumps” it up and holds it in place. I also attached a spray painted gold braid ton he front of the wig.

All and all I probably spent around $100 on this costume. Everyone loved it, but most people had absolutely no idea who I was suppose to be.