I always get told I look like Katy Perry  (I don’t see it, but she’s a babe so I’ll take it!) so  I decided to be here for Halloween.

I went with her candy land outfit from her California Gurls video and used things that I had already around the house (the white corset) and the shoes and bought the wig, tights, and fabric to make the skirt and the attachments that went on the corset.

I watched the video to make sure I did my make up exactly like hers and I also went to Sephora and got a sample of the fragrance “Pink Sugar” to make sure I also smelt the part.

This was my most fun costume I have made. It took a while to sew everything on and what not but it turned out great! It was a hit at all the parties I went to and people couldn’t believe how close to the real thing it was!

My friend gets that he looks like Thor (I think it’s the long blonde hair) so he dressed up as that and we had lots of pictures taken.