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Original and Easy Katy Perry Women’s Halloween Costume

Alright, well it was my senior year in high school and we had spirit week. One of the days was celebrity day and so OF COURSE I was going to go all out and be one of my personal heroes, Katy Perry. I wanted to do something more original and make my own costume, so I decided that I would do something that was inspired by her “California Gurls” music video. Once I figured that out, I decided that I wanted to use REAL candy. So, here is pretty much the steps I took.

1. I bought a cheap white tank top, a blue tutu (pink or blue are the best because it’s like cotton candy), some thigh high socks, and a blue wig.

2. Of course I bought several different types of candy, a lot of those two for a dollar bags or whatever at Walmart.

3. Then there was the assembling of the shirt:

-I used two large lollipops and placed them where my boobs were on the tank top

*note: I did put the shirt on and glued everything to me to make sure it would lay flat.

-I then used gummie worms, gummie bears, gumdrops, licorice, and various other colorful candies and glued them all over the top to make it almost look like a corset!

4. My accessories: I strung rainbow gummie bears on a necklace and then found the cutest little ice cream cone earrings at Claire’s.

I also wore some sparkly flats and did my make up with red cheeks and LOTS OF GLITTER.

5. After everything was glued, the next morning while I was getting ready, I used a glitter hair/body spray, and gave my WHOLE costume a once over for that sparkly candy look.

I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out and wound up winning the costume contest for that day out of the entire school and had a write-up about it in the yearbook (-:

Original and Easy Katy Perry Women's Halloween Costume

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