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Coolest Ditka and Refrigerator Perry Couples Costume

As you can probably assume, my husband came up with this Homemade Ditka & Refrigerator Perry Couples Costume idea. As a true football fanatic he had always wanted to dress up as Mike Ditka, however we couldn’t figure out the perfect couple pairing. Then one night after a few drinks he and his friends came to me with the “perfect idea.” After hearing the name William “Refrigerator” Perry, I pulled out the iphone and headed straight for Google where I was less than thrilled by what I saw. But after some trouble shooting and ideas thrown out we moved forward with it and I’m happy to say it all turned out so well!! Out of 385 people, we won 1st prize for our costumes and received compliments all night!!

Mike Ditka: This costume is pretty easy. We found a Bears sweater vest on ebay – it was pretty expensive. I’m sure if you did some planning ahead you might be able to find a used one for a cheaper price. We got a simple mustache and some aviators and everything else we had at home: tan slacks, white sneakers, white dress shirt, blue striped tie & a college ring. Total cost: $85 (like I said the vest was a little pricy)

William “Refrigerator” Perry: I wore all black, skinny jeans, a black long sleeved T and closed toe pumps. Supplies we bought separately: cardboard box, white foam core, white spray paint, silver drawer handles, multi-color foam pre-cut letters, a Chicago Bears bumper sticker, black ribbon & paint. We cut the cardboard box down to size, cut out the top & bottom and reinforced the corners with duck tape. We spray painted it white and let it dry. While the box dried I cut the doors down to size out of foam core. I then gorilla glued the handles to the doors. After the box was dry we painted “Perry” on the back with the number 72 in orange & blue craft paint. We then gorilla glued the doors on the front to make it look like a true refrigerator. We spelled out “Da Refrigerator” (Ditka joke) with the foam letters, glued a picture of Perry on door to look like it was stuck on there with a magnet and stuck the Bears bumper sticker on the top door. We then put black ribbon straps on the top so it fit right over my shoulders. Total cost: About $55 for all the supplies.

Honestly, I hate to admit it, this was our favorite Halloween costume ever – the Husband was right!! Our friends still can’t believe I went out as a fridge and Pat pulled off one hell of a Mike Ditka, I saw people out and about for weeks who would yell, “Da Bears Da Bears Da Bears Da Bears” at the both of us – people we knew people we didn’t, everyone loved it!

Homemade Ditka & Refrigerator Perry Couples Costume

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