For Katy Perry:

I started off with the most important and noticeable part of the costume, the lollipops! I know most people know of the cupcake bra from the California Girls video, and I was originally going to go for that but I definitely did not want to buy anything premade, and when I tried searching for cupcakes to adhere  onto a bra, unfortunately, none of them were large enough and ended up making my chest look just plain weird. So fortunately after relentless Google Image searches of Katy, I came across a picture of Katy in concert with Lollipops on her chest. Perfect!

So I went to a local Candy store and bought those Big Swirly Lollipops ($8.50). My next plan of action was to find a way to make these suckers stick, but before I bought the correct adhesive I figured I should probably know which material I have to adhere it to. I went to one of the cheaper stores in the mall (full of polyester blends and what not) and I found a tight halter blue tank top coming in at a very reasonable $12.00. So I knew I needed an industrial strength adhesive (those lolli’s were hea-vy) to work on a poly-blend. The people who work at Michael’s were very very helpful ($6.00).

Next was the bottoms, in the picture she was wearing sequin hot pants which I loved and tried my hardest to find, but they were only available online and were nearly $100! So I figured a metallic mini would suffice, I like the hot pink one and I found that on eBay for $14.00. For accessories I went to one of those cheap accessories store in the mall (like Icing or Claire’s) and looked for fun rainbow and/or dessert themed jewelry, spent about $6.00-7.00. And to top it all off, I went with the unmistakable blue ‘Katy Perry wig’ with attached heart headband (most expensive item of all, $30.00). Over all I spent around $70 for a one-of-a-kind, original costume.

For Russell: Don’t mean to be short on this, but this is my boyfriend’s costume. I know he also handpicked and purchased each piece of clothing and accessories from stores like Hot Topic and Utopia, however I am unsure of pricing. The fact that he basically has the same height and build as Russell definitely helped on the look-alike-factor.

Everybody absolutely loved our sexy Katy Perry and Russell Brand couple costumes and it’s certainly going to be hard to top it next Halloween!