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Coolest Katy Perry Costume

Let’s start with Halloween, it is one of my favorite holidays and because of that I probably put in way too much time and effort for one evening of fun. But… I enjoy it the whole time.

I love Katy Perry, I think she’s fun and quirky, and it gave me the perfect excuse to craft one heck of a costume…. seen in her California Gurls video. I pretty much taught myself how to do all this just after years of being creative and crafting random things here and there… and trial and error, haha.

Briefest details:

Top: a white strapless dress I bought and hemmed to the proper length

Skirt: 12 panels of fabric… and yes I made patterns for them out of taped together construction paper. There was a trial version with random extra fabric I had around. Had to sew the sheer fabric on top of basic cotton so it was easier to work with and NOT sheer… with proper measurements to make an elastic waistband. And then sew them all together and form into a skirt. And I had enough forethought to make the back panels longer so they covered my butt.

Big Candies/Ice Cream: I bought a rectangular piece of 1/2 inch batting, cut it to shape, and then stuffed the ice cream with some loose batting for shape. Covered with appropriately sparkly fabric, stuck myself with multiple pins, and boom!

Swirl Candy: there is also one on the back as a lollipop… I twisted together a bunch of pipe cleaners, and twisted strips of the sheer fabric leftover from the skirt around it. Then had to pin it together as I spiraled it (more pin sticks), and sewed it onto a piece of fabric so it stayed put. Not really sure how I came up with that, but it worked. Then painted on white iridescent glitter paint so it didn’t fray and had a sparkle.

Peppermints: White glitter foam, I used glitter glue to paint on the red glitter parts, and cut out the swirls.

All of the rest is just random added on stuff, some sewed, some glued from elastic sequins to cupcake patches to individually sewn on bugle bead “sprinkles.” The wig and purple fishnets are obviously store-bought, though I also made shoes, bought some and covered with silver and aqua glitter to match the video.

Hope you enjoy and if there are any questions or comments on this Homemade Katy Perry Costume, I’d love to hear them.

Homemade Katy Perry Costume

Homemade Katy Perry Costume

Homemade Katy Perry Costume

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