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Coolest Katy Perry Cailfornia Girls Music Video Candyland Dress Costume

After seeing Katy Perry’s “California Girls” video I knew I wanted to make the “Candyland” inspired dress for Halloween. I researched on-line for details then made pencil sketches of the front, sides and back as reference.

Dress: Found a white dress at a discount department store then modified it to fit the right shape and style (I chose to leave one strap on the dress for added security). I purchased fabric in multiple colors then made and added the pleated ruffled skirt over top the existing skirt; hand stitching into place (I wore a store bought petticoat beneath to add fullness).

Bodice: Started by making the large decorative pieces; using soft foam purchased at the fabric store, cutting to fit the shape and hand sewing the main fabrics onto the foam base. Details were added, some hand sewn but the bulk were attached with a GOOD fabric glue (you will need a large amount of GOOD fabric glue to make this costume possible!). I hand-stitched the large pieces onto the bodice then glued on the lace and trims, including the candy-striping on the remaining dress strap. These included: braid, bias tape, ribbon and remnant trims.

Once the base decorations were in place I started adding the candy detailing (all details were applied with glue)… these were created using a combination of: leftover fabric from the skirt, remnant fabrics and trims, pom-poms, felt, craft foam, ribbon and buttons. I also used: fruit and candy-shaped pieced from purchased floral picks, scrapbooking items and popsicle sticks. I tried to make everything as close to the actual Katy Perry California Girls music video candyland dress costume in color, shape and size as possible, so made the choices accordingly.

Necklace: Added butterscotch discs to a purchased necklace.

Headband: Made heart from foam; covered all with felt & added glitter decoration.

Earrings: Put posts onto plastic candy-shaped Christmas ornaments.

Shoes: Added pink bows

Make-up: Cotton candy pink lipstick and blush. Glittery shadow in pink, lavender & mauve. Heavy eye-liner and mascara. Dark, accentuated eyebrows.

To complete the look: Purple wig, lavender tights, ring & bracelets

Cupcake Bra: Cupcakes were made with foam using the same technique as above. The fluted edge was a furnace filter. Once complete, they were hand-stitched to the bra cups.

Here’s the video:

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