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Coolest Lil Wayne Costume

Lil Wayne is one of the most well known music artists in America so I decided I wanted to dress up as him for Halloween, even though I am not a man. First I made my dreads out of a super long black wig I bought from Wal-Mart. I had to piece the wig and dread each piece, which took a long time. I took a small piece of hair and twisted it, then took a comb and teased the twisted hair until it looked frayed and stayed together. After I did this to the whole wig I went over each piece with my hair straightener so that the dread was less frayed and more flat (Make sure you keep the straightener on very low heat, plastic melts fast! You can also buy a hippie dread wig, but I couldn’t find one in time).

I asked around campus and found a pair of men’s jeans that fit me, which cut the cost of buying a pair just for the costume. I also found a Lil Wayne belt buckle that a friend had.

To get my Lil Wayne Costume ready, first I applied very, very dark foundation and powder to my face and neck (I bought all of the makeup used at Wal-Mart). I then colored in my eyebrows with black eyeliner to make them black and bushier. I then had a friend apply all of my tattoos on my face, eyelids, arms, and chest. This took the longest. For the face tattoos we used liquid eyeliner because it writes easier. On my arms and chest we used regular eyeliner. We copied a few of the main tattoos that Lil Wayne has, and then filled in the rest of the space with random things we though of. Each of my friends also signed their names some where. I had to use an Ace-Wrap to hide my umm.. female parts and make my chest look more boyish and wore 2 white tank tops over the top (if you are going to do this, make sure it’s not super tight, or it becomes hard to breath). I wore a pair of pajama shorts I had under my jeans to look like boxer and wore Chucks for my shoes and put in a tinfoil “grill”. I pulled my long blonde hair up in a braid and put my wig on, then a bandana to hide any stray blonde hair, and then my black hat. The final touch was my sunglasses.

The Lil Wayne Costume took a long time, but it looked great and no one could figure out who was dressed up as Lil Wayne until I told them or took off my sunglasses!

I put a picture of me as Lil Wayne, and a picture of regular me so you can see the difference and how long it took me.

Homemade Lil Wayne Costume

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