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Coolest Ke$ha Costume

Year after year I have always bought a costume, last year I really wanted to “Wow!” people but when looking online it was too expensive and at the the stores it was so limited.

So I made this homemade Ke$ha outfit, inspired by her “Garbage Bag Dress” and added other factors of her style like the faux fur and makeup  (if you do not know who Ke$ha is, I suggest going online and looking up “Tik Tok” or “You’re Love is My Drug” by Ke$ha)

Literally the only thing I bought for this outfit was the $2 pair of regular black nylons that I ripped up.

Things I Used:
1. Black Tank Top
2. Garbage Bag
3. Faux Fur
4. Glitter Tie Belt
5. Jean Short Shorts
6. Black Boots
7. Silver Glitter and Black Eye makup
8. Whatever shiny jewelry that was laying around my house
*Scissors and Tape helped me assemble it

Garbage bag Shirt:
I took a regular black trash bag, layed it out on my floor and cut a head and arm holes on the top and the side. The part of the bag with the already pre-cut hole will be the part the goes around the waist so make sure you are cutting from the other end (it helped that I layed a t-shirt on top of it so I could get a idea of wear to cut the holes). On my left shoulder I got some detachable faux fur that was on my old coat (you can easily go to a craft store too) and put a strip of tape (remember to roll it so its able to stick sticky side up while the end’s of the sticky side are touching the fur) on it, then placed it on the left shoulder  (easier when you are wearing the sack).

I then took the red string and pulled it tight and tied it in a knot and tucked it under the bag and taped it to the inside so it would stay. I then took a glitter scarf type belt and tied it around my waist.

*make sure you are wearing the black tank top under your garbage bag shirt.

I took the $2 nylons and put them on and just started to rip it random sections, you don’t have to go all out cause the rips will get bigger as you continue to wear them.
I then but on my denim short shorts, black boots and any kind of shiny jewelry.

Hair and Makeup:

3. The ability to know how to French braid or a 3 barrel curler
4. Silver glitter and black eyeshadow
5. Black liquid eyeliner
6. Bronzer
7. Liquid foundation
8. Mascara.

For the hair, the day prior I took a shower at night, dried my hair till slightly damp then put mouse in my hair and braided it in a French braid, if you don’t know how to French braid, you can use a 3 barrel curler and you can just go the easy route and do whatever in order to get a tousled look, gel and hairspray will help!

In the morning I took my hair out of the braid, back combed it to get volume and HAIRSPRAY HAIRSPRAY HAIRSPRAY!!

For the makeup, I applied liquid foundation and set it with a powder, then put bronzer along my cheek bones. Then I used L’Oreal hip eyeshadow platinum (a silver and black eyeshadow) and did a smoky eye, then applied eyeliner and mascara. For one of the eyes, I outlined a blotch of black with liquid eyeliner and filled it in and took the glitter eyeshadow and dabbed it on. On the opposite side of my face on my cheek bone I just swiped some eyeliner and silver shadow to look like scratches. I then applied the silver eyeshadow along the sides of my arm and on my chest.

I hope this helps a fellow Ke$ha lover! Any questions please comment!

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