I am a college student, so I am broke and didn’t have much money for a costume this year. This Ke$ha costume was so simple and cheap. All I had to buy was glitter.

For the outfit, I just wore shorts and “stockings ripped all up the sides” with a black bandeau top that I borrowed from my roommate. Then, I wore some grey healed boots. For jewelry, I wore “Jesus on my necklace” along with a couple other sparkly/trashy necklaces. I wore a single feather and chain earring, also.

For my makeup, I bought glittery false eyelashes with rhinestones and put them over my own eyelashes. I did a black and silver glittery smokey eye. Then I took the eyelash glue to stick on the stripe of glitter under my right eye. For my left eye, I had a friend draw on the starburst (I’m not that artistic ha-ha) with black liquid eyeliner, then covered it in gold glitter. I put a fake nose ring in my nose and wore a nude lipstick.

My hair was pretty easy. I have naturally wavy hair, so I just hair sprayed it upside down while it was wet, then scrunched and blow-dried it. I teased it a little and added more hairspray after that.

The final touches: an empty bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey and an ENTIRE can of glitter spray all over my hair and body.