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Glittering Ke$ha Popstar Costume

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!  I love getting the chance to create a unique costume (I try to pick something very involved, crafty, and something hopefully no one else will think of).  I chose a glittering Ke$ha Popstar costume!  Though she is very popular, she isn’t a common costume like Gaga!  And who doesn’t love glitter?

The first thing I did to create the outfit was go to Saver’s (a thrift store chain) and purchased a XXXL top covered in sequins, though I knew it would be huge. I didn’t care about loose sides (Ke$ha wouldn’t) and I knew I was going to make a crop top out of it.  I also found a pair of skin tight jeans while I was there to create the shorts.  I bought a cheap bedazzler at Hobby Lobby and went to town on the bottoms, embellished the behind with a $ made of rhinestones.

While on a different thrift trip to Goodwill I came across this amazing pink leopard fanny pack and thought how perfect for my bottle of Jack and toothbrush [“I wake up in the mornin feelin like P diddy, brush my teeth with a bottle jack cause when I leave for the night I aint comin back…” Tik Tok].

No Ke$ha costume would be complete with out ripped red fishnets, a whole container of glitter, tons of bangles, a studded headband, a nose ring, and a cross necklace [..” I got Jesus on my necklace..”].  Probably one of the funnest costumes because I got to have crazy-cool make up and throw glitter in every room I walked into!

Note:  This costume also won me two tix to see Ke$ha in concert for a look a like contest



Glittering Ke$ha Popstar Costume

Glittering Ke$ha Popstar Costume

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