We were trying to brainstorm an idea for our Annual Halloween party.  My husband and I love the NAPA and Sonoma Vineyards and collect wine. So we decided we should dress up like a wine bottle or something like that. I researched wine costumes and found some really tacky ones.  Upon further searching I found the hilarious skit on Saturday Night Live starring Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake in the Liquorville skit.  We laughed so hard and it was perfect for me.  So I went to our local craft store bought some craft cork and grapes and my best friend and I made the cork hat.  I pinned the grapes to my dress and here I am.  Lady Gaga from Liquorville or a Wine Bottle.  What fun we had!! It took less than an hour to make. My husband was the best Bacchus ever! We started with a Lancelot costume and printed out a Bacchus picture to put on his chest and sewed grapes to his crown!!