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Coolest Every Lady Gaga DIY Costume

Gaga, Ooh La La! Lady Gaga was so much fun to do.
She’s crazy, so anything goes, right?

This Homemade Lady Gaga Costume started with a dress. A gold sparkly dress. We added on some lace material at the bottom, with the little bit of sewing me and my mom knew how to do. We got a black tee, and added cones on the shoulders. We took foam sheets (get at any local craft store), and stapled and hot glued them into the cone shape. we bought elastic, and connected them to the foam and put it under my shoulders. It didn’t stay on to well, so we hot glued it to the tee-shirt.

We bought stiff tulle and attached it to the side bottom of the dress, sticking out all over. I picked up the shoes off the sale rack at DSW,(great prices!) and the sunglasses were from H&M accessories. The wig, the most important part, we did some research online for a nice wig. We found it eventually, and we’re extremely impressed with its soft texture, and its pinpoint lady gaga perfection!

I got some face paint, drew a lightning bolt. My mom did the eye makeup, and I did the iconic lady gaga “small” lips with red lip pencil. I picked up some lace gloves, and it was complete.

All in all, Great costume!

Homemade Lady Gaga Costume

Homemade Lady Gaga Costume

Homemade Lady Gaga Costume

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