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40+ Flashy Homemade Lady Gaga Costumes You Were Born to Make

Put on your poker face and create your best homemade costume from the fantastic inspiration below. Provocative and awesome, this collection of Lady Gaga costumes truly embodies the unique singer.

Become the talented singer with unparalleled outfits by using the DIY costume tutorials here. Even though your voice won’t magically improve, you will definitely stand out in a crowd with these shocking looks.

Check out some of her most famous looks. Luckily, replicating her meat dress does not involve using any actual flesh. Discover how the women here effectively created this look to be vegetarian friendly.

In addition, Lady Gaga’s music videos provoke popular DIY Halloween costume choices. Specifically,  the skeletons from her “Born this Way” video.

So, You will not be in a bad romance with any of these homemade costumes. And don’t be surprised when the Paparazzi chase after your DIY costume!

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