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Cheap and Easy Lady Gaga Halloween Costume

Under $10!  This cheap and easy Lady Gaga Halloween costume was soooo fun to make. This is me on the right. I used one roll of black trash bags and one roll of packaging tape! Started by cutting up strips of trash bags and just taping them onto a flat trash bag. Next I just kept layering these on with tapes to ensure that the skirt was full , fluffy, and dramatic!

The top was simple. I wrapped the trash bags around a tube top that I wore. The only trick to this costume was that it was very disposable, and you couldn’t try it on. I had to literally wait until that night to put it on. All of the shaping was from wrapping the tape around my body! I wore fishnet tights, I tied strips of trash bags around my feet and obviously I wouldn’t be Lady Gaga without using a sharpie to draw on my tatoos!

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