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Sexy Lady Gaga Meat Dress Costume

I made this Lady Gaga meat dress costume because I wanted something completely different. I don’t know what made me think of the meat dress, but I thought that it would be nice to go out and not have another person wearing the same thing as me. So, I started looking. It’s not all that easy to find Gaga’s meat dress in the store! I decided I could probably make something way nicer and more believable than what the stores would have anyway.

I started with an old red evening gown that I got at a thrift store. It was a halter so I cut off the straps and re-sewed them so they looked more like Gaga’s dress. I cut up the bottom of the dress to look like pieces of meat hanging from it. I saved the other pieces for later. I then used white puffy fabric paint to create the marble streaks that meat has. I brushed it down with an old paintbrush to blend it into the dress.

I grabbed an old makeup bag and then glued the scrap dress pieces to it, and painted it with the white fabric paint that I used on the dress. That was my meat purse. I embellished it with dollar store gems to make a diamond ‘G’ on one side and a design on the other.

I took large scrap dress pieces, painted them the same and hot glued them to old wedge shoes. I then took butcher’s twine to wrap once I had my feet in them.

Funny story… I kind of made a mess of my carpet because one tube of the white paint was clogged, so when the dried up paint came through the tip it exploded everywhere. Needless to say my husband was not impressed..

For the headpiece I painted more scrap dress and hot glued it to a hair clip. Gaga wore a gorgeous diamond choker with her meat dress, but I couldn’t find anything like it so I found cheap cubic zirconia bracelets and glued them to a stretchy hairband. From there I was able to wear it as a thick choker like she had.

I bought a blonde wig and I couldn’t find hair chalk or anything that resembled the sea foam green she had on her ends so I grabbed a blue highlighter and coloured the ends until they were the same colour Gaga had.

I completed my look with fishnets, bright red lips and simple eye makeup.

I got so many looks when I wore this out, and although not everyone could figure out right away what I was, once I said, “Gaga,” they said “Meat dress!!!”  I’m going to wear this one again this year. I absolutely loved it and nailed it. I even had some people ask if it was real meat. :)

I would say the whole thing cost me less than $30. It took me about 3 days to finish.

Anyway here’s my rendition of Gaga, sans protein

Sexy Lady Gaga Meat Dress Costume
Sexy Lady Gaga Meat Dress Costume
Sexy Lady Gaga Meat Dress Costume

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