Bring it on down to liquorville! One of my favorite skits on Saturday night live. I fell in love with their costumes and decided to try to make my own version of the wine. I went out and got just a regular ivory dress, then bought about 20 plastic grape bunches. I wrapped the grapes around the vine with floral wire and green floral tape. I pinned the vines around my neck and waist. I then used cork board to make the hat, I used 2 styrofoam discs and wooden sticks along with a filler and used felt around the inside cut out an oval for my face and hot glued it shut. I then used a sharpie to draw large grapes on the sides. For my hands I used 2 vases at the bottom I could put my hands in then used two large glass bowls for the top glued them together, those were heavy so if you can find plastic I strongly suggest it. I won two contests and many compliments even tho they didn’t even watch the skit! Had alot of fun and not bad for my first homemade costume! Might have to try it again, it was pretty cool not seeing anyone else with anything remotely close to my costume. Great times!!