To come up with an original costume is becoming more and more challenging every year. I have been everything from Peggy Bundy to a lady bug. I have always been very sexy, but this year I decided, let’s step out of the box and go for gold. I chose to be “Lady Gaga’s alter ego Joe Calderon” I studied her character on you tube and even received lessons from my 20 year old nephew and husband on how to behave like a man.

They taught me how a man shakes hands, how they walk, even how to hold a beer!  And let me tell you that this costume possessed me, I stayed in complete character all night and even fooled my own brother. Men wanted to beat me up and women wanted to slap me due to my vulgar impressions of Joe. I had to keep reminding people that I was indeed a lady!!! lol.  I really enjoyed this costume because it gave me the opportunity to see things through a mans eyes. I hope that everyone enjoys seeing my transformation.