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Fabulous Homemade Ke$ha Costume

I can’t even begin to describe how much attention this fabulous homemade Ke$ha Costume got me. I won third place in a costume contest and made a girl cry simply because I walked in to the room and she realized that her Ke$ha costume was not nearly as good as mine.

The Outfit:

I found the gold sequin shorts on eBay. This was a few years ago, and since this is actually kind of in style now you could probably find similar shorts more easily. I bought lace pantyhose from Claire’s and just ripped random holes in them. I found a vintage rock band t-shirt at Hastings and cut the seems off around the bottom, arms and neck holes. I then tore and cut out other random pieces of the shirt. Underneath the shirt I was wearing a black sequin tube top. (I’m sure a skirt would work as well.) I’m a high heel girl so I opted for black patent leather heels, but I think that combat boots would be even better. I found the long black feather earrings at Hot Topic and just bought tons of cheap jewelry from Walmart.

Make-Up and Hair:

My hair is naturally wavy but to play up my waves, I washed my hair and without brushing (I actually did not brush my hair for a few days prior to Halloween). I used mouse to scrunch my hair and blow dry with a diffuser. Tons of hairspray!! I also bought craft glitter from Hobby Lobby and immediately after spraying my hair with hairspray sprinkled glitter in my hair. If the hairspray is still wet the glitter will stick to your hair and you will be able to see chunks of it in your hair throughout the night.

My make up consisted of tons of black eyeliner and dark eyeshadow. The glitter I used for my left eye was purchased at Hot Topic. I just kept applying until it was extremely noticeable. I think I might have used a glitter lipstick type thing from there, too. Add the craft glitter if necessary.

To top the costume off, I used a sharpie to draw $$ on random parts of my body.

I had tons of fun the entire weekend of Halloween wearing this costume. I definitely set the standards high for my future costumes…this one has been hard to beat!

I can't even begin to describe how much attention this costume got me. I won third place in a costume contest and made a girl cry simply because I

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