I had been on a long streak of rock ‘n roll inspired costumes. ZZ Top has such an iconic look and they’re practically wearing costumes in real life. So it was a perfect match for me this year. Got a cheap suit with tails from the Goodwill store. I wore a simple white dress shirt underneath that had kind of a larger collar to be seen in contrast to the black suit.

Over that white shirt I wore a black leather biker style vest. You can hardly ever see it but it really added to the authenticity of the costume. To dress the suit up and to make it more ZZ Top-ish, I glued (bedazzle-style) little sequins dots along some of the trim lines of the suit but most especially the collar. I had some old cowboy boots (left over from one of my many Axl Rose incarnations). The beard came from eBay, just search zztop beard and many options will appear. I trimmed it just a little shorter than it arrived and saved the trim for future mustaches. The beard is held on with an elastic band and the mustache was applied with spirit gum.

The glasses were from a gas station and they were perfect. Over the glasses and elastic band, I put on a bandana and then a worn out looking cowboy hat. The hat was a foam style Freddy Kruger hat from the Halloween store. It has a holey, worn out, ragged look to it. I put a couple of light coats of black spray paint on the hat to help it match my suit. The hardest part was the fuzzy and spinning guitar. I used and old piece of wood and cut out a guitar body shape. Then I painted it white. My buddy had an old crappy acoustic guitar that he donated to the cause. I used the neck and head piece from that guitar.

Using a staple gun and some spray adhesive I attached lots of fuzzy fabric to the white guitar body.  Then I screwed the neck to the fuzzy body.  And then glued some fuzzy bits to each tuner key on the guitar head. The spinning of the guitar was accomplished by finding the exacted weighted/balanced center of the guitar and screwing a bolt type thing into the back of the guitar.  That bolt fit into a hole that I had drilled into a heavy duty belt buckle.  I could remove both of my hands from the guitar and it would still stay in front me which was convenient at the bar and party. For a little extra, I added a few random silver rings and a bracelet or two and a fake cigarette.

Everyone loved…loved this cool ZZ Top homemade Halloween costume. I think because it’s so iconic, so familiar and yet unexpected on Halloween. Everyone wanted pictures with me and I actually won two separate contests at two different bars. One of which was my regular bar but that night, they didn’t even recognize me!  People would come up and ask me, “does the guitar spin?!”  Even when they’re asking, I don’t think they actually expected it to spin. Because they were so surprised when it spun so smoothly.  This costume was/is a definite hit!