Cute Little Johnny Cash costume. This costume really was perfect for my son Crue who loves music in general, but especially county music. He loves to sing along to the radio and strums his guitar.

“Hello I’m Johnny Cash”  This costume really could be simple. It’s all about “black”.  “The Man in Black” or in this case “The Boy in Black”.

You can find the black pants and black long sleeve anywhere. But the Johnny Cash belt buckle that says “Man in Black” we found online along with the shirt that says “Hello I’m Johnny Cash”. The black cowboy boots we found at a Payless shoes.

We got the black toy guitar online as well.  It wasn’t that expensive. We bought black felt and came up with our own pattern to look like a guitar case for his treat bag and sewed together. We then added a black strap from a fabric store. Such a cute treat bag. Last but not least we put a temporary hair dye in my blond cute boys hair.

A boy named “Crue”.