This Flavor Flav and Brigitte Nielsen couple costume was a fun costume idea that did win us a cash prize at a party.

We were trying to think of something fun and different and came up with this. Craig is 6ft 7in and made a really ugly Brigitte Nielsen. He is a black man and I had to use Derma Blend makeup to make him white. I painted the rest of his body with theater makeup. We pressed on his nails, painted his toenails and put him into a size 16 ladies high heal sandal. The short wig we sprayed with tons of hairspray to get it to spike up. He wore a big ladies evening tunic with black leather pants. His part took me about 3 hours.

I was Flava Flav, a white lady in my 40s. LOL He helped get me painted with theater makeup. I bought a man’s suit and shoes, a viking hat, lots of rings and of course I had the top and bottom grill.

We were late to the party but it was worth it for the “Grand Entrance” we made. My boyfriend had to get the camera out and show people that I really wasn’t a black man and I was a “nice looking” white lady. LOL

The night was so much fun and the party lasted until 4 in the morning. Flava Flav OUT!