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Coolest Homemade Flavor Flav Costume

This coolest homemade Flavor Flav costume was relatively cheap last Halloween. It was company appropriate and everyone enjoyed it. I got the viking hat from any regular costume store. The clock had to be right so I found one with some ling on it. The jump suit came from Walmart, nothing too fancy, it’s just something he wore a lot of. I used regular foil on my teeth to add the bling. Its not too hard to talk and drink with and they can be removed very easily. There are some cheap grills out there but they make it hard to talk and they can make you start drooling.

As long as you have a couple of his dance moves down and you shout “yeeeeeeeeee boi” and “WoooooooooooW” you will be the life of the party. It would have been a better costume if someone went as Brigitte Nielsen or New york with me.

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