Coolest Homemade Michael Jackson Halloween Costume

This Homemade Michael Jackson Halloween Costume is made of red silk outer and red polyester lining. Red glass short bugle beads in a snake design, hand sewn. Edged with 1/4 inch gold glass bugle bead trim on collar and edge of jacket. Wooden toggle buttons, gold painted and glitter glue adorned, run down the front of the jacket.

Hand made gold seed bead tassels down the left front of the jacket. Hand painted buttons with handmade frogs adorn the front of the jacket. Glove is handmade with 240 grams of silver lined crystal seed beads with 300 yards of white thread.

Trousers are made of black polyester and black silk ribbon on the sides. Socks are made of polyester with crystal beads. Red double beaded sequin trim, gold glitter sequin trim, and gold glitter soutache braid adorn each wrist. Gold sequin and beaded appliques adorn each arm with gold marquis shaped beads accent the appliques on the arms. Two gold beaded sequin appliques that adorn the back of the jacket.

Michael Jackson Halloween Costume

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