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25+ Coolest Homemade Michael Jackson Costumes

The King of Pop made an indelible impression of the music world. He may have been troubled while he was alive, but his incredible music legacy lives on in the hearts of his fans. It’s natural that these homemade Michael Jackson costumes are so loved.

One of the most popular Michael Jackson looks is, of course, Thriller. If you’re going to create this DIY costume, you better start practicing your moon walk.

Another classic look are the black and white Michael Jackson costumes. These costumes work for adults and kids as well.

Perhaps one of the sweetest costumes here is of Michael when he was part of the Jackson Five. The homemade costume featured here will bring back some bittersweet nostalgia.

It’s not always easy to dress up as your music idol, but the helpful DIY costume instructions here will get you crafting in no time! Enjoy!

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