This is a Homemade Michael Jackson Thriller Unique Halloween Costume Idea. I took a real leather jacket and cut it up and even took it to my job and dragged it through concrete and dirt. I took a long brown wig and cut it to the right length and sprayed oil sheen and black color spray and let it sit for a day. I couldn’t find the right latex so I just took something close to it and glue it to my face and used a little toilet paper too.

I also took some 80’s slouch cotton ankle socks and slid them down to make the thick affect. I used a combination of brown and zombie green body paint for my arms and painted my finger nails faded black. For my face I used a black base and used zombie green and brown and kept the protruding bone structure lighter than the rest. I used loafers that I already had which I purchased from Suit Mart. I also dragged my pants through the street and stomped them a little. I bought some dental non toxic tooth stain to make my real teeth look rotten.

There you have it… Michael Jackson returns a year later.