With all of the Michael Jackson talk in the news, we decided to pay tribute to the King of Pop. We used a spray painted recycling can with mailbox lettering as a bottle of propofol and pieced together different clothing for MJ. Most of it was already in my closet, so I just needed the Fedora, glitter glove, aviators, and some scrunchy socks.

The toughest part was the makeup, to make your face like the the infamous, plastic surgery modified one. On the back of the bottle (not shown), we produced a “warning: may cause” list of the potential side effects and played off Michael’s well-known news stories:

– Molestation
– Endangering a baby’s life
– Flammable hair
– Grabbing the genitals
– Going to Neverland
– Screaming out “EEE-HHEEE!!
– Skin depigmentation
– Death

It probably only cost about 30 bucks for both.