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Cool Michael Jackson Costume from “Remember The Time” Video

Being the huge Michael Jackson fan that I am I decided to re-create the outfit he wore in the “Remember the Time” video.  It was a bit harder than I anticipated but turned out wonderful and got lots of compliments.

Starting off with the shirt.  Where the heck was I going to find a long sleve gold high colar shirt.  Checking the local thrift stores for something I could use didnt work out so off to Walmart.  I found the perfect material.  Bought a turtle neck from the thrift store and took it apart at the seams to use for my patern.  The falcon/eagle on the front was also a seperate task.  Went to Michaels and bought gold thick paper and rhinestones.  The skirt was just sheer fabric with an egyptian theme side panel.  For the panel I bought the closest fabric I could find at the thrift store and cut a long piece and added gold stripping.  For the belt I bought a thick belt from the thrift store and spray painted it gold.  Black skinny jeans under the skirt brought it all together for the perfect replica outfit.

I carried my tablet around my neck with the video playing as I danced around walking like an egyptian.  The outfit was a hit and so many people took pictures with me I lost count.  His legend lives on.

My 17inch laptop played the video at my front door as I sat on the couch waiting on the little trick or treaters.  The door was opened but the security screen closed.  I could here them walking up and once they said trick or treat, I would pause the video and come walking over from the side.  The children thought Michael walked right out of that video to pass candy out to them.  The parents were amused and loved it.

Cool Michael Jackson Costume from

Cool Michael Jackson Costume from

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