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Cool DIY Michael Jackson Costume

Was good last year and better this year.  Did Remember the Time for all the die hard MJ fans.  This years outfit was so much more detailed and hard to find.  Took me over a month to get the peices worked out so they looked just like the outfit he had on in the spectacular video.  The Egyptian theme is great and filled with color and pizazz.  I have won the work contest for the past 3 years as MJ doing a different video each year.  Halloween is my favorate holiday because you get to be who ever you want to be for a day.  Anyone you admire or look up to.  As Michael I have not paid for a meal or coffee or doughnut.  Everytime I go anywhere someone always picks up my tab.  That must be how the rich stay rich.  Thats the secret no one will tell us

Cool Homemade Michael Jackson Costume

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