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Coolest Homemade Michael Jackson Costume

When shopping for a Halloween costume for my daughter, I was unimpressed with the selection in stores this year, particularly for toddler girls. Everything seemed to be a fairy princess or something with wings/a tiara. Nothing fit my daughter’s personality. She LOVES Michael Jackson, so I decided to get her a Thriller-era Homemade Michael Jackson Costume.

First, I bought some black legging-style pants with a cuff so that I could make them a bit too short. Then I used white socks with the large cuff, which I put iron-on rhinestones all over. I bought a red button-down shirt which I made into the Thriller jacket using electrical tape (I looked at a picture of MJ’s jacket to copy the pattern), iron-on rhinestones, and fabric paint (to write “Thriller” on the back in case somebody doesn’t get who she’s dressed up as). White t-shirt to go underneath the jacket, with an iron-on jewel crown (King of pop and what not), and there you go, a tiny Michael Jackson on a budget.

The only thing missing from her costume right now is black loafers, I’m still trying to track down a pair for her without paying a fortune.

I took the photo before the costume was actually finished, so she is not wearing the white socks either. I am currently trying to decide how to make a small sequined glove or otherwise accessorize the costume.

In total this costume cost me less than 20$, and she was so “THRILLED” when I showed her a picture of herself next to a picture of MJ in his red thriller jacket.

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