I work in advertising and get to dress up for work. So my Halloween costume this year needed to be cool enough to wear out for Halloween and appropriate enough for the office. After much thought and consideration, I decided to do LMFAO, specifically from the “Sexy and I Know It” video. A costume everyone would recognize, and it would be worth a good laugh.

The first step was to find “animal print pants out control.” Luckily, printed leggings are ‘in’ this season, so it was easy to find the pants. I stopped by Forever 21 and they had several options. I opted for the colorful pants to spice up the costume.

Next were oversized glasses, which I found at one of the sunglasses stands in the mall. They had a million to choose from. I went with black, figuring I could reuse them in future costumes.

I wanted to buy the actual “Party Rock Gym” shirt online, but it was going to run me about $30. I decided to go to the local sporting goods store that customizes in making shirts. The guy was able to letter the shirt for me and do it within an hour. It’s not an exact match, but it cost about 1/3 of the price. I cut the shirt into a muscle t (had to look up directions online). I cut it down to my waist, so I layered one of those “made-to-see bras”. I chose hot pink to pull out more color.

For the sign I bought foam poster board, and used an exacto knife to cut out a square. I printed out “Every Day I’m Shufflin’” on bright yellow paper and used double stick tape to attach it. I used a black sharpie to color the other side of the foam board and also the sides. I cut a string of silver mardi-gras beads and super glued it to the back of the sign. I used the black sharpie and put circles on the front of the sign to make it appear as though it was attached there. Covers up the shirt a bit, but everyone still gets the point.

I WANTED an afro, but my hair it too fine for that. So instead I went with a Mohawk.

The Mohawk was super easy. Make sure your hair is dirty. I split my hair into 4 sections. The top section is what you will use to create a “poof” that flows into the Mohawk. The remaining 3 sections I put into ponytails. I started at the bottom of the head and worked upwards. I used little rubber bands and put tiny ponytails into my hair. When doing this, make sure to use hair spray to help the hair remain smooth and the sides. I also used clips to hold up the hair in each section while I was making the tiny ponytails.  It’s pretty easy to keep straight, just make sure with every small ponytail that it isn’t leaning one way or the other. I pinned hair that is too short to reach with bobby pins. Once you create the last ponytail near the top of your head, create the poof and then bobby pin it back. Tighten each little ponytail. Spray hairspray into it… As much until it stays. (This can be done with long hair too. But instead of making tiny ponytails, make a few larger ponytails and then tease the hair and shape it how you want it to lay. Hairspray is your best friend!)

Simple makeup since everything else is extravagant and simple shoes. I did yellow flip-flops to accent the sign.

Voila! The next thing you know, “you walk in the spot, this is what you see: Everybody stops and stares at me”.

Best part is definitely the Mohawk. Doesn’t take as long as you would think and it gets a great reaction!  People love it. Just make sure someone doesn’t run away with your glasses or sign, they are a hot commodity. Plus the costume allows you get to make ridiculous faces all night.  Cost about $30 tops. It’s definitely a winner!

Photo with my puppies included too — I dressed them up a little princesses with homemade tutus and crowns.