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Sexy Britney Spears Slave 4 U with Snake Costume

I love Britney Spears and I always wanted to dress up as her!  I chose to recreate her outfit from her 2001 VMA performance of “Slave 4 U”.  Because my 21st birthday took place on midnight of Halloween, I knew I had to go all out to replicate her!

Putting Together the Bottom

For the shorts, I purchased a pair of metallic blue dance shorts.  I accented the shorts with a gold belly dancer chain and multiple scarves tucked into the shorts.  The boots I wore were tan fringe boots.  I purchased all of these things off of Ebay.

Creating the Top

The top was created from a cheap bra purchased from Walmart. I covered the bra with a dark green silk material. I used fabric glue to cover the straps with green ribbon.  When I had put the bra top on, I had twisted a sheer sparkly green and had a friend help pin it in the back.  I pinned on a large gold brooch on the center of the top. I also pinned two smaller brooches where the straps meet the top to cover where the ribbon ends. The snake definitely was the most important accessory!  I purchased the stuffed snake online and draped it over my shoulders. I also had a dangly belly button ring and long gold drop earrings.

Hair & Make-Up!

For my hair, I teased it to make it extra big and then curled all of it with a medium sized curling iron. I then flipped my head over and sprayed with a TON of hair spray!

For my make up, I applied gold eye shadow and filled my crease with dark purple.  I then blended and added black liner and lots of mascara!

I sprayed glitter spray all over my body, hair, and costume.

I loved this costume and everyone knew who I was trying to be!  I had so much fun channeling my inner Britney on my 21st birthday!

Sexy Britney Spears Slave 4 U with Snake Costume

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