I made this costume for a date party but it took some time. I started off with a regular blue jean dress and then got 2 different pairs of jeans that were different colors and a jean skirt. I did the entire thing with fabric glue so that’s why it was tricky because it took me a while because the glue has to set. First I cut a layer of the jean skirt and glued it to the bottom of the dress so it could be a long dress. Then once it dried I cut random pieces of jean fabric and glued them on randomly.

For Justin’s hat, I just used a fedora and glued the leftover fabric from the other jeans. For Justin, my date just got normal blue jean clothes from goodwill and picked them to match.

This was one of the best costumes I’ve ever made because I’m a 90s baby and all my friends are as well so it was like a throw back. It got a lot of attention with my sorority and on social media. I won best costume for the date party and it was an instant hit because everyone knew what I was. I am a creative person and having a creative costume always allows me to showcase my talents. I love Halloween!