Funny Homemade Costume: Britney Spears Circa 2006

Costume is made up of jean short shorts, a custom golden ticket tank top, chestnut Uggs, a blonde wig, a baby doll, fake baby bump. optional Starbucks coffee cup and a bag of Cheets. This was a great hit. Super fun to wear out and comfortable. The most unique custom costume at the party.

Most costume essentials were ordered online. Fast simple and easy. The best part of wearing out this costume was having the most original and attention getting costume and sitting next to a fake Amy Winehouse and having a more complex and controversial outfit. Thank and all the free drinks I got and drank out of my Starbucks cup while I continued to lose my baby doll through out the evening with much respect and love with very much stayed in character sharing Cheetos and lip syncing/dancing to entertain my fellow bar goers.

It was my favorite costume to date and a much noted one.