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Stages of Britney Spears Costume

Here are the Stages of Britney Spears Costume. For each costume we tried to get as much detail as we could. I was “Crazy Bald Britney”, for this I used a bald cap applied with spirit gum, a single strand of pearls, gray zip up hoodie, white cotton shorts, white tennis shoes and of course the umbrella (make sure it has a curved handle).

Next we have “slave for you Britney”, the top was hand sewn by my sister. She also wore shorts that we had airbrushed and she added colorful scarves and a chain topped off with a blonde wig. Then there is “Flasher Britney” wearing her Little Miss Sunshine shirt (again we had this one airbrushed) and short black skirt with “censored” panel sewn in. She is also wearing a blonde wig.

Our last Britney is “Pregnant Trashy Britney” in an I have the golden ticket tank top (hers was kind of last minute and could have been done better).

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