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Cool Homemade KISS Group Costume

Everything on this Homemade KISS Group Costume was made from scratch besides the leggings and two tee-shirts.

Paul – the vest was made from faux-leather and the sewn-on sleeves were shiny stretchy leather-ish material with glitter stars. Skirt had black pleather waist band with shiny silver fabric bottom. Silver leather Stars glued on boots and bottoms are painted. What you can’t see in this pic is that there was also a tin foil covered bra showing and a spike necklace.

Ace – Shiny silver leather decorated the black tunic, along with iron-on rhinestones and glitter glued on the belt. Shoulder fins were puffed up with stuffing. Black shiny leggings had dots of glitter glued on them. Boots were painted.

Gene – Cape and leather shoulder pads were sewn onto the shirt. The spikes on the shoulder pads and belt (also Paul’s necklace) are made from cardboard taped into cone shape and wrapped in aluminum foil. The boots are painted and also have painted cardboard diamonds sewn to the tops.

Peter – Skirt is made from faux-leather with a stretchy waistband and glitter ovals painted on the sides. Tee shirt had silver leather design sewn on and then covered with glitter. Belt has a silver painted cardboard cat ‘belt buckle’. The boots have silver snakes painted on them.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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